SustainableSense by design aspires to design products and systems that embody the outlook of sustainable design and support the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and habits.

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    S-Sense Design works to promote the professional and in-depth practice of sustainable design. The studio designs products and services that are in-tune with the perception of sustainability and, at the same time, emphasize business values. SSbD works to develop objects that question our daily life habits and introduce new and more sustainable alternatives to answer everyday needs.

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Terra stools are made from earth and natural fibers in a unique compression process that was developed based on a long term study of materials and of ancient building methods. In this project I act as a designer-gatherer, all materials were gathered from construction and agricultural waste and from the natural environment. On this process I learned from Daphna Yalon, Tal Bashan, Um Ajaj, my own grandmother and many more.